Monthly meetings: Second Thursday of the month @ 5 pm in Room 209 BioSciences.  Upcoming business: t-shirts, fundraising & social event planning, guest lecture requests.

September 2012 – Yogurt Mania:  Trade in your lab coat for a chef’s apron and learn how to make yogurt at home while meeting other microbe-aficionados.  Part science, part social, and definitely nutritious.

November 2012 – Meet A Researcher:  Dr. Barny Whitman (UGA Microbiology) will talk about his research with methanogens and marine microbes and answer questions about his work and how students can get involved in this research area.

November 2012 – Outreach At Whit Davis Elementary School (5th grade): Bacteria hunt around the grounds. Swab samples and inoculate media, talk about diversity and roles of microbes.

Spring 2013 – Field Trip/Career Spotlight: Artisan Microbiologists: Brewmaster or Cheesemaker have been discussed as applied fields to explore with a tour of either a working brewery or dairy that produces artisanal cheeses produced with the help of our microbial friends.

Spring 2013 – Cheesemaking: Social event with the added bonus of learning how to produce cheese