Claire Edwards head shot
Graduate Student
Doran-Peterson Lab
(706) 542-3906

I study ethanol production for biofuel from the fermentation of pectin-rich biomass in Dr. Joy Peterson's lab.
-The effect of the composition of pectin-rich biomass (sugar beet pulp, citrus waste, rotten apples, and cull peaches) on ethanol production from yeast and bacteria.
-Addition of cellobiase and pectinolytic genes to E. coli KO11 to give it the ability to produce its own plant cell wall degrading genes, thus decreasing the requirement for costly fungal enzymes.
-Metabolic engineering E. coli to increase ethanol production from pectin-rich biomass.
Select publications:
Edwards, M.C., J. Doran-Peterson (2012) Pectin-rich biomass as feedstock for fuel ethanol production. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 95:565-575.
Edwards, M.C.*, E. DeCrescenzo Henriksen*, L.P. Yomano, B.C. Gardner, L.O. Ingram, J. Doran-Peterson. (2011) Addition of genes for cellobiase and pectinolytic activity in Escherichia coli for fuel ethanol production from pectin-rich lignocellulosic biomass. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 77:5184-5191. *co-first authorship

Curriculum Vitae: