Eric Stabb in lab
Associate Head
258B Biological Sciences Building
(706) 542-2414
University of Wisconsin-Madison

          My research focuses on host-microbe interactions and bacterial cell-cell signaling; however, my interests in the field of Microbiology are broad and encompass bacterial genetics and physiology, among other topics.  My lab studies the light-organ symbiosis between the bioluminescent bacterium Vibrio fischeri and the squid Euprymna scolopes, as a model for natural bacteria-animal interactions.  Research topics are described on the Stabb lab web page and include:

• Pheromone-mediated regulation in V. fischeri
• Interspecies signaling and recognition of V. fischeri by the host
• Physiology and genetic regulation in symbiotic V. fischeri cells
• Developing genetic and genomic tools for V. fischeri and other members of the Vibrionaceae

You can find most of my publications in PubMed, although there are some reviews and book chapters not in that database that make good introductions to my current research.  This short biography of me appeared in ASM News along with one of my reviews.

Curriculum Vitae: