Basic Information
Undergraduate History
Graduate School History (if applicable)
Other Institutions and GPAs
Test Scores
Program Interests and Objectives

1.  Students may enroll directly into either the PhD or MS program.  Applying for the MS program does not increase the likelihood of acceptance.  Students are advised to apply for the MS program only if this is their terminal degree goal in our graduate program.  Choose your degree objective:

Research Interests

2.  At this point in your career, what is your level of interest in the following six research areas (outlined under Research on our department website).  Indicating an interest (or disinterest) is in no way binding, and we understand that these may shift and change.  You may select high or low interest in as many areas as you like.  Please rank each of the six research areas on this 0-5 scale.

0-really not sure or unfamiliar with topic1-definitely not interested2-probably not interested3-somewhat interested4-interested5-very interested
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Microbial Ecology
Microbe-Host Interactions
Bioinformatics and –omics
Microbial Physiology
Molecular Microbiology
Specific Faculty Interest

3.  If you were attracted to our department in part because of an interest in working with specific members of our faculty, you may indicate the names of up to three such faculty members below.  Indicating faculty here is in no way binding.  If you are invited for a recruitment visit or admitted to our program you will be provided opportunities to meet and rotate with other faculty members to find an advisor.

References and Statements of Interest

4.  During the application process your references will provide evaluations to the graduate school.  In the event that we need to contact these references (for example to remind them to provide evaluations), please provide their names and email addresses:

Written Statements

5. For the next section, please provide carefully considered responses to the two topics listed.  To best ensure that formatting is preserved, and for ease of review, we highly recommend uploading documents in .pdf format.  If you cannot generate .pdf files, we also accept .rtf, .txt, and .doc files.  Although there is no word or space limit to these statements, in most cases 2-3 paragraphs, totaling 1/3 to 1/2 page for each statement, should be sufficient for concise and well-crafted statements.  Statements longer than a page are unlikely to be read carefully by the entire admissions committee.

Topic 1: Please describe your prior research or work experience relevant to our graduate program. If you are currently completing a graduate degree, also give your thesis title and major professor.  List any publications, meeting presentations, or awards/honors.

Topic 2: Please describe your rationale for attending our graduate program in Microbiology at the University of Georgia.  We would like to know more about you. Your essay should reflect your motivation.  You may address some of the following questions, but you are not restricted in any way concerning your response.  What initially sparked your interest in Microbiology?  Why do you want to attend graduate school? What are your interests and hobbies?