Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for Prospective Students:


Q:  Are graduate students financially supported?

A:  Yes. Currently, incoming graduate students will be supported with awards starting at $27,000  per yr for PhD students.  In addition, tuition is waived, medical coverage is subsidized by UGA, and students enjoy a low cost of living relative to most university towns.


Q: When should I apply?

A. To assure consideration for Fall admission,  please complete your application by December 1.


Q:  Can I visit the department?

A:  Top applicants will be invited for an interview/recruitment weekend in February.  


Q:  How do I find an advisor? Should I contact faculty directly for admission?

A:  Students are admitted to the graduate program, not individual labs. In the fall of matricutlation,   they rotate through at least three labs before choosing a major professor in December or January.  Potential advisors include the faculty in the Microbiology Department as well as those listed as  Adjunct Faculty that are in other departments but carrrying out microbiological reserach. 


Q:  What are the qualifications of a successful applicant?

A:  All aspects of each application are considered. We are interested in students that are competitive academically, and have significant research experience. Because the application is a holistically evaluated, we do not judge the likelihood of acceptability based on a short pre-application. 


Q:  What are the degree requirements?  How long do they take to complete?

A:  The average time to degree in the PhD program is 5.5 years. The requirements consist of both coursework and research and more details can be found in the information for current students on the website.