Requirements for the Microbiology Minor 

Students interested in minoring in Microbiology must complete 15-17 hours of Microbiology related coursework.  Minors do not share courses with other minors nor do they share courses with other majors.  If the same course is needed for both your major and a minor, it will NOT count for both.  In cases where one of the courses must be counted towards the major and, therefore, cannot be counted towards the minor, any 3-hour upper division course in MIBO can substitute for one course with approval of the Microbiology Department.  There are no residency requirements for the minor in Microbiology. Students must earn a ‘C’ (2.0) or higher in required courses.  Minors can be declared in ATHENA.

Required Courses: (9 hrs)
MIBO 3500 (3 hrs) - Introductory Microbiology
MIBO 3510L (3 hrs) - Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
MIBO 4090 (3 hrs) - Prokaryotic Biology

Choose one of the following: (4 hrs)
MIBO 4600L (4 hrs) – Experimental Microbiology Lab
MIBO 4900L (4 hrs) – Directed Research* 
MIBO 4970H (4 hrs) – Honors Research
MIBO 4970L (4 hrs) - Directed Research
 *If you select this option you must complete two semesters, but only the second will count toward the hours for the minor.

Choose one additional 4000-level 4 hour course with a Microbiology (MIBO) designation.

Please check the Microbiology Minor Checklist for a full list of course options for the minor.