Friday, January 18, 2013 - 12:05pm

New FacultyThe broad-based training afforded by the UGA Microbiology graduate program remains in great demand, and in the last two years we have expanded considerably.  Since 2010 we have grown from forty-six to fifty-eight graduate students and added eleven new trainers to our graduate program.  


These additions to our program include Zack Lewis, Jorge Escalante-Semerena, Fred Quinn, Mike Terns, Silvia Moreno, Jonathan Frye, Biao He, Liz Ottesen, Diana Downs, Erin Lipp, and Kerry Oliver.  Four of these new trainers are faculty in the Microbiology Department, while seven are adjunct faculty who can train Microbiology graduate students while residing in other Departments.  The breadth of our program is reflected in this mix, as just over half of our research trainers are faculty in other Departments and nearly a quarter of our graduate students now perform their research with these adjunct faculty members.  The expansion of trainers in various areas of microbiology gives our students more options in choosing a research lab and builds on our tradition as a department that values all the sub-disciplines Microbiology has to offer.