The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) maintains UGA's policies on responsible conduct of research (RCR)
All Microbiology students are required to take CITI RCR training when they join the department.  To do so, go to the OVPR RCR page linked above, and under the "NSF" heading link to the "Instructions for completing CITI RCR training".  Follow the instructions to register on the CITI site and complete the training.  When you are done print the page for your mentor to keep with the lab records; an electronic report will go to the OVPR and Sponsored programs at UGA.  Failure to complete CITI training could interfere with paychecks from assistantships
Some students may wish to enroll in a course covereing RCR, and you will be required to do so if you are on a NIH grant.   The OVPR link lists the courses on campus that fulfill this requirement.  Most of our students who enroll for RCR trainging take GENE8650.