We have moved our room reservations to UGA Resource Calendars in Office365. 

OPTION 1 Instructions

Step 1: Open Office365 Calendars

Step 2: Read instructions for how to add the calendar to your calendar view and make reservations

For your reference, the calendar names are: 

  • Room 523D: res.BIOSCI_Room_523D
  • Room 201: res.BIOSCI_Room_201

You will need these calendar names when working through the instructions to view each room calendar or make appointments on the calendars. 



  1. To Add a Room Calendar to Outlook:

Once you have logged in to UGA Mail using Office 365, click the calendar tab.

Next, click the drop down arrow under “Open Calendar” and click “Open Shared Calendar”.

In the “Name” field, you will paste the name of the calendar that you want to view:

  • Room 523D: res.BIOSCI_Room_523D
  • Room 201: res.BIOSCI_Room_201

Click “OK”

Now you can view the desired room calendar in Outlook.

    2.  To Request a Room Reservation:

Click on the “New Meeting” tab.

In the “To:” field, paste the name of the room

In the “Subject:” field, type the name of your meeting

Use the “Start Time” and “End Time” fields to enter your meeting time and dates.

Once everything is entered correctly, hit “Send”.

A room reservation request will be sent to Janice, Kim, and Nancy.  You will receive a follow up email when your room has been approved.

If you have any problems with this process, please see Janice (mibcoord@uga.edu) for assistance.