The University of Georgia graduate program in Microbiology ranks among the best.  As you will discover from our website, our strength resides in the diverse research interests of our training faculty and students.  Our graduate program  encompasses a variety of departments, disciplines, and experimental approaches.  Our students study microorganisms as basic biological models, as industrial and agricultural tools, and as major players in the environment and human health. By exploring these areas of microbial biology at molecular, organismal, and ecosystem levels, our graduate program offers broad-based training with a common focus on microorganisms. Our students graduate prepared for careers in research and/or teaching in academia, industry, or the government.  In addition students enjoy a quality life with a low cost of living compared to many college towns which enriches their life outside of their academic pursuits.


If your goal is a terminal Masters degree, you may want to consider applying for admission into our MS in Microbiology program. However, if you ultimately plan to pursue a PhD, it is strongly recommended that you apply directly to the PhD program. There are several key differences between our MS and PhD programs. In order to be accepted into the MS in Microbiology program at UGA, you must first identify a faculty member in our program that is willing to serve as your MS thesis mentor. It is possible that some faculty members will be able to provide financial support in the form of research or teaching assistantships; however, financial support is not guaranteed for students that enter through the MS program. In contrast, a tuition waiver and stipend support are guaranteed for all students that enter the PhD program. Please review the following items to learn more about our MS in Microbiology program.


Contacts:  Please direct questions about our program and the application process to our program assistant at  Direct other questions (e.g. regarding academic content) to the program coordinator Dr. Zachary Lewis at