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Students can find information covering graduate program requirements, departmental information, deadlines, opportunities, on our Online Microbiology Department Graduate Handbook.   

This chart showing the roles of our office staff should be helpful in finding the right person to help you with various issues.   Other information is available by following links to UGA's academic honesty policy, the non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy, and rules governing responsible conduct of research training


Graduate Student Event Calendar



For questions about paychecks, see the schedule of pay dates, visit the UGA payroll office website, or contact the Microbiology Departmental Accountant, Andrea Barnett.

Departmental Graduate Awards

The legacy of departmental pioneers intersects with the achievements of our current students in three named awards:  The William Jackson (Jack) and Jane Marshall Payne Graduate Fellowship in Microbiology, The  Dr. Juergen Wiegel Graduate Award in Microbiology, and The Dr. Joy Porter Williams Fellowship in Microbiology.


1st Rotation: August 13 - September 23, 2018

2nd Rotation:  September 24 - November 4, 2018

3rd Rotation:  November 5 - December 16, 2018

Courses and Academic Schedule

A brief description of courses can be found in the Bulletin with the course prefix and call number.  The Registrar's office maintains a schedule of classes for each semester as well as an academic calendar that includes session start and end dates, holidays, add/drop deadlines, etc.

Graduate School

Other information for current students is available from the UGA Graduate School website.  Click on http://grad.uga.edu/ and follow the link for "current student" (or other appropriate link).  Several Graduate School Forms that you will need can be accessed from their website.The Graduate School has a summary of requirements for the Ph.D. and a summary of requirements for the M.S., although you may find the description of requirements for the Microbiology program more useful.


Departmental requirements and guidelines for teaching are available to our graduate students through the Graduate Handbook.  The UGA Center for Teaching and Learning has resources, including the CTL TA handbook (not to be confused with the departmental TA handbook).  Some students may be interested in the Teaching Portfolio Program.

Travel Support

The Graduate School provides support for student travel, with four application deadlines annually.  The UGA Office of Research also supports grad students for international  travel.  Some years the college has provided travel funds to be distributed by the departments, and students are encouraged to ask their advisor if such funds are available.  Students are further encouraged to investigate travel funding associated with specific meetings, for example through ASM travel grants.

Health Insurance, Health Fees, and the Health Center

The UGA Health Center website has useful information for new students.  Additional information on health insurance and fees is also provided.  The Health Center isn't just for when you are sick, and it provides many programs to students including Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).


Information on tuition and fees at UGA is updated regularly.

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate students are represented by the Microbiology Graduate Student Association (MGSA) and the UGA Graduate Professional Student Association.  We also encourage participation in the Graduate Students and Postdocs in Science (GSPS) organization at UGA.  You can find a complete list of Graduate Student Organizations on the Graduate School website.


The American Society for MicrobiologyASM_0.gif

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the largest professional society in our field, The American Society for Microbiology (ASM), which has many professional resources and opportunities for students.  Students can receive ASM Membership and its benefits at a discount rate.  The ASM website has links to meetings, career and networking opportunities, and much more.  Students interested in ASM programs should check their timing, the deadlines for application, and discuss them with their advisor.  The department has traditionally been able to support travel expenses associated with attending these valuable activities.  Students may also find valuable opportunities close to home in the ASM Southeastern Branch, which maintains an ASM-Branch Facebook page.  Finally, several ASM meetings support student travel (see Travel Support section above).

Funding Opportunities

Many opportunities for fellowships, student grants, and awards can be found below.  Note that restrictions apply, and not all students will be eligible for some awards.  Students are able to apply directly for some awards but in other cases they must be nominated by their advisor, and they should discuss these opportunities with their advisor accordingly.  The fellowships available as well as their application deadlines, eligibility requirements, etc., change frequently.  Students are encouraged to view the opportunities below as examples, and to seek out other fellowships.  You can help us keep the links below up to date by contacting the graduate coordinator or the graduate program assistant with new information. 

These links were last updated May 22, 2018:

Awards through UGA

Graduate School Fellowships

ARCS Foundation Fellowships (through BHSI at UGA)

Dissertation Completion Award and other Graduate School Funding

UGA Research Awards (from OVPR's office)

Grad School Teaching, Research, and Mentoring Awards

External Awards

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grants (for students past prelims)

The National Institutes of Health has several NIH Training Awards, including an F31 Individual Predoctoral Award to promote diversity in health related research. 

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Department of Energy Graduate Fellowship Program

American Society for Microbiology, Robert D. Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship

Department of Defense SMART Program (requires postdoc in DoD lab following graduation)

United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate Fellowships

American Association of University Women Fellowships

Environmental Protection Agency STAR Fellowships

The Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowships

The Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowship program

Sigma XI Grants-in-aid of Research

Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program

A list of graduate fellowship opportunities somewhat redundant with the links above is maintained by the Institute for Broadening Participation