Undergraduate Advising

All students majoring in Microbiology are required to meet with an academic advisor at least once per academic term in order to be advised for the major and cleared for registration.  Undergraduate Microbiology majors are advised in the Microbiology Department once they have completed 60 hours of coursework.  Advising appointments can be scheduled directly with the Microbiology advisor usually after the 3rd week of the semester by using SAGE (Student Advising and Guidance Expert). Prior to 60 hours, students are advised in Franklin College's Office of Academic Advising in Memorial Hall. Students who have not yet earned 60 hours are still welcome to contact the departmental advisor with questions and to request an appointment to discuss the major.  Please note: the departmental advisor cannot clear students who are below 60 hours, those who are assigned to other advisors nor those who have not declared the Microbiology major.  Students who wish to declare Microbiology may do so on ATHENA (UGA’s student information system). 

Microbiology Advising Office Contact

Kaitlyn Hall  kaitlyn.hall@uga.edu

Walk-in Hours*

Walk-in hours are for students who have specific questions or concerns; they are not for formal advising.  If you need to be advised, please schedule an appointment.  

Walk-in Hours:

Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:00 pm and Thursdays 10:00 -12:00 noon Rm 214A Biological Sciences

PLEASE NOTE During Drop Add SPRING 2020:  TBA

Hours 8-5pm (with lunch 12-1pm).


*All walk-in hours are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Hours are subject to change; check on SAGE for a current schedule.

Microbiology Listserv

The Microbiology Listserv sends out information about new classes, scholarships, information sessions, internships, jobs, information on the Undergrad MIBO Graduation program, as well as many other opportunities for students. If you currently have 60 hours and have not been receiving departmental emails, please contact khbrown@uga.edu to be added the Microbiology Undergraduate Listserv.

Graduation Checks

If you are a Microbiology major with over 80 hours, you are eligible for a graduation check.  During a graduation check, a graduation advisor will look over your degree audit to make sure that you are on track to graduate during your preferred graduation date.  To schedule a graduation check, please email the Graduation Certification Office at askgco@uga.edu or call them at (706) 542-1522.  


If you need a pre- or co-requisite override, please email Kaitlyn Hall kaitlyn.hall@uga.edu with your 81 number, the course for which you want to register and the reason for the override.  Overrides are subject to departmental approval.


Undergraduate Mentoring

The Microbiology Department offers an expansive mentoring program to meet the needs of majors.  Students will be assigned a faculty mentor according to the first letter of their last name (consult the list below). Your faculty mentor will offer practical advice to help you tailor your academic curriculum to your aspirations.  In addition, group sessions will cover topics for students with graduate school aspirations, medical or professional school ambitions, and/or students wanting internships or jobs. Information regarding these sessions will be sent out via the Microbiology Undergraduate Listserv as they will not be offered regularly.  Group sessions are not meant to replace one-on-one mentoring, and students are encouraged to contact their mentors.

Please note: your faculty mentor DOES NOT replace your academic advisor in terms of advising you for your degree and graduation requirements.

FALL 2019:  List being revised and will be posted soon.

QUESTIONS?  Contact khbrown@uga.edu.