Students in Microbiology SCALE_UP classroom
Introductory Microbiology class in SCALE-UP class setting.

Our teaching mission is to prepare our students for their chosen professions by fostering independent learning, critical thinking, imagination, and curiosity.  Rigorous coursework and original research are incorporated into the undergraduate curriculum.

Basic preparatory sciences for the Microbiology major:
Principles of Biology: BIOL 1107-1107L & BIOL 1108-1108L
General Chemistry: CHEM 1211-1211L & CHEM 1212L-1212L
Organic Chemistry: CHEM 2211-2211L & 2212-2212L
Physics: PHYS 1111-1111L & 1112-1112L or 1211-1211L-1212-1212L
Calculus: MATH 2250

Click here for Major Required Courses and Major Course Offering schedule
*For a full list of required courses, please see the UGA Bulletin for Microbiology.

Undergraduate Research (MIBO 4960-4980R)  
While microbiology research courses can work in the major, they are not required to complete the major.  However, we highly encourage students to get involved in undergraduate research.  Participating in research can help those interested in applying to graduate school and pre-professional programs become more competitive applicants to their programs of interest.  For those who wish to make the B.S. in Microbiology their terminal degree, research can provide a valuable experiential learning opportunity which students will need if they are seeking employment in a science-related field.  Students who are interested in research should click on the Undergraduate Research Guide.

Student presenting at CURO
Student presenting research at CURO Symposium.