Below are links to campus offices and programs on that provide opportunities for students to participate in outreach activities.  Many of our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as several of our faculty members, have participated in these programs.  In addition, each year many of our students and faculty members volunteer in local schools to provide students with hands-on experiences in microbiology.


Project FOCUS - help local teachers improve science education in elementary schools

Office of Service Learning - get involved with academic service-learning and community engagement

Center for Leadership and Service - engage in leadership learning and practice active citizenship

Graduate Portfolio in Community Engagement - participate in community engagement through curricular and co-curricular activities

Georgia Science and Engineering Fair - volunteer as a judge of the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair

Clarke County School District Elementary Young Scientists' Fair - volunteer to engage local elementary school students in science

USA Science and Engineering Festival - find out about opportunities to re-invigorate the interest of the nation's youth in science, technology, math and engineering