Monday, December 16, 2019 - 9:56am
Jessica Irons

Jessica Irons of the Downs Lab is the recipient of the 2019 Dr. Joy Porter Williams Fellowship in Microbiology.

Joy Porter Williams was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from the UGA Microbiology Department.  After a successful postdoctoral stint at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, she returned to UGA to join the faculty in the Microbiology Department.  She served as Science Supervisor for the College of Education, as the Associate Director of UGA’s Honors Program, and as Coordinator of Advanced Placement at UGA.  She was named 1980’s “Woman of the Year in Education” by the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Athens.

In her honor, Joy's family along with other friends of the Department established The Dr. Joy Porter Williams Fellowship in Microbiology, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching, and service by a current Microbiology graduate student.

Congratulations Jessica!