Adjunct Professor

My research focuses on host-microbe interactions and bacterial cell-cell signaling; however, my interests in the field of Microbiology are broad and encompass bacterial genetics and physiology, among other topics.  My lab studies the light-organ symbiosis between the bioluminescent bacterium Vibrio fischeri and the squid Euprymna scolopes, as a model for natural bacteria-animal interactions.  Research topics are described on the Stabb lab web page and include:

• Pheromone-mediated regulation in V. fischeri
• Interspecies signaling and recognition of V. fischeri by the host
• Physiology and genetic regulation in symbiotic V. fischeri cells
• Developing genetic and genomic tools for V. fischeri and other members of the Vibrionaceae

You can find most of my publications in PubMed or Google Scholar

  • Ph.D. in Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1997)
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